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The dates for taking TestDaF are annual, and can be seen at the following address:


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TestDaF is a German language examination for foreigners designed for those who intend to study in Germany or who simply need an internationally recognized certificate attesting their knowledge of the German language.

The TestDaF is developed and graded at the head office of the TestDaF-Institut in Hagen, while it is carried out at the various Testzentren, a network of authorized certification centres present worldwide, in about 80 countries.

All candidates undergo the same tests. The results are graded by expert correctors.

Exam results are assigned one of three levels:

  • TestDaF- Level 5 (TDN 5)
  • TestDaF- Level 4 (TDN 4)
  • TestDaF- Level 3 (TDN 3)

Within the framework of the European Common Reference Framework for languages, drawn up by the Council of Europe, these correspond to levels B2.1 – C1.2.

Who is the test for?
TestDaF is intended for:

– all those who intend to study in Germany or who simply need an internationally recognized certificate attesting their knowledge of the German language;

– all those who wish to have an official attestation of the language level held for the purposes of a job application;

– all those who wish to have an official certificate of the language level held for the purposes of participating in invitations to tender or to obtain a scholarship;

What level of TestDaF is required for admission to a German university?

If you have achieved at least TDN 4 in each section of the test, there will be no linguistic obstacles to your university career in Germany (providing that you comply with all legal requirements, such as those relating to education required by the university).

If the result is TDN 5, this means that you have an excellent knowledge of German, even higher than the level necessary to begin university studies in Germany. In some German universities, knowledge levels below TDN 4 are considered sufficient for admission to particular courses or disciplines in all four parts of the test. Each university has its own admission regulations. We therefore ask you to inform us, before applying for admission, about the TestDaF level required by the university or the faculty you have chosen.

Some universities make the requirements known on their website. Information on the possibility of continuing studies in Germany and the addresses of the universities are available from the following web addresses:


Who can take the TestDaF?

– all those studying German who have a good to advanced level of language knowledge and wish to verify their knowledge with precision.

– all those who wish to undertake or continue their university studies in Germany.

– all those who need an internationally recognized certificate attesting an advanced level of knowledge of the language, for the continuation of studies, for scientific purposes, or for an academic career in their own country. If you are at the beginning of your German language studies, please wait a while before presenting yourself for this test, in order to improve your language preparation. If you want to know if your preparation is up to scratch (Fit für den TestDaF), consult the TestDaF-Institut web pages and try the entry test. In just ten minutes, you will have an approximate evaluation of your knowledge of the German language.

What are the advantages of TestDaF?

The TestDaF certificate is recognized by all universities in Germany. If you have obtained a grade of TDN 4 or higher in all four parts of the test, you will be able to study at all German universities (provided that your application has been accepted by the university of your choice). Every university is authorized to recognize, and thus to admit, assessments of less than TDN 4 depending on the faculty, discipline, or duration of the courses.

All the contents and tasks required by TestDaF relate to the fields of science, universities, and research. The TestDaF evaluates the language skills needed to undertake university-level studies. The TestDaF evaluates the four skills separately: Written Comprehension, Oral Comprehension, Written Production, and Oral Production. Four grading levels are recorded on the certificate accordingly. This gives you a precise picture of your strengths and weaknesses in each individual skill.

The test site will be in your country of origin; it is not necessary to go to Germany to take the test. The TestDaF certificate will be sent to you by post, so that you will have all the necessary documentation to hand before you depart for the university in Germany, saving you time and money. You can prepare yourself for the TestDaF in a targeted way. It is structured according to certain modules (Modellsätze) which can be downloaded free of charge from our site. Other test preparation materials (Musterprüfungen), authorized by the DAF-Institut Test, can be found on the publishing market. The individual parts of the test always have an equal level of difficulty, regardless of when you take it.

The TestDaF has a network of sites authorized to carry out tests all over the world (Testzentren), where you can receive information on the test and get advice from assistants who are always at your disposal. You can also obtain information from DAAD readers at the Goethe-Institut, University Language Centres, German Institutes, university professors of the German language, German embassies and consulates. The TestDaF certificate is valid for an unlimited period. Should the test result not meet your expectations and you would like to achieve a better grade, you can of course repeat the TestDaF as many times as you like.

How do I prepare for the TestDaF?

There are several possibilities to prepare for the TestDaF: you can prepare yourself on your own, with the support of online tutors www.deutsch-uni.com, through language courses, or with a study partner via e-mail (eTandem-Lernpartnerschaft). Information on preparing for the TestDaF is available on our website under Vorbereitung auf den TestDaF.

Where and when does the TestDaF take place?

The TestDaF can be taken at one of the authorized centres in your own country (Testzentren in Ihrem Heimatland) or at one of the 170 authorized sites in Germany (Testzentren in Deutschland). The test takes place several times a year. The exact dates are published on the TestDaF-Institut’s website and at the centre closest to you.

How much does it cost to take the TestDaF?

The registration fee for the TestDaF varies slightly from country to country. You must therefore contact your local Testzentrum.

How and when do I register for the TestDaF?

You can register for the TestDaF online at www.testdaf.de. Once you have accessed the site, you can choose the country, city, and therefore the authorized centre where you wish to sit the test. Registration begins approximately eight weeks before the date of the test and lasts for four weeks. You may cancel your application provided that this is done before the end of your registration period. Withdrawal of a registration made entails retention of 15% of the sum paid, as reimbursement for administrative costs. No refund is due for cancellations made after the expiry of the period for registration.

How is the test result communicated?

After six to eight weeks, the Testzentrum at which you took the test will send you a certificate with the results obtained. On the back of the certificate you will find a description of the most relevant aspects of your tests, divided according to the four parts, so that you can have precise indications on the level of your language skills.

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