Test PRO Pflege

The Pflege PRO test of the German language

The dates to take the Test PRO Pflege are on request, and can be agreed with the Leitmotiv-London School, which creates an ‘ad hoc’ request, always provided that at least four weeks’ notice are given.

For further information, or to set a date to take the Pflege PRO Test, please contact us by email at leitmotiv@leitmotiv.it


With the Goethe-Test PRO Pflege, adults who are already nurses or who wish to work as one in the future can demonstrate their specialized language skills at an advanced level. The test corresponds to B2, the fourth level of the six-level competence scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

It is divided into 4 parts (Reading ,Listening, Written Production, Oral Production).

The reading and listening tests are carried out digitally via a computer on a dedicated platform.

All participants start at the same level, but during the course of the test the programme selects each activity according to the previous answer and adapts to the respective language level.

The productive parts check written and oral production at the B2 level. The oral part of the test covers the typical situations of nursing care and care for the elderly, and the tasks in the written part of the examination are also based on real-life situations.


  • Capable of understanding relevant text types with professional language and technical content;
  • Capable of writing reports and messages with a style and register appropriate to the specific work context;
  • Able to talk about your profession, talk to patients, present an oral report, and participate in a discussion in everyday professional life, and ask and answer questions.

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