OnSET Test

A German language test

The dates for taking the onSET Test are on request, and can be agreed with the Leitmotif-London School, which creates an ‘ad hoc’ request, always provided that at least two days’ notice are given.

For more information or to set a date to take the onSET Test, please e-mail us at leitmotiv@leitmotiv.it

The onSET Test is a fast and simple computerized examination which quickly verifies German language skills.

The test can last up to a maximum of 40 minutes, being structured in 8 parts, for each of which 5 minutes are available. All the exercises are in the form of Lückentexte (cloze).

The result is available immediately at the end of the test, and you can also download the relevant certificate (in pdf format) by logging on to your onSET account. In this way, we immediately have an attestation of the level of linguistic competence possessed.

Who is the test for?

all those who want to check their German language skills quickly and easily, for example to participate in DAAD calls – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst: The German Academic Exchange Service, which represents German universities abroad, promotes the mobility of students, PhD students, researchers and professors through a variety of scholarship programmes.

all those who wish to have an official attestation of the language level held for the purposes of a job application.

– all those who wish to have an official certificate of the language level held for the purposes of participating in invitations to tender or to obtain a scholarship.

Please note, however, that the onSET Test cannot replace either TestDaF or the other certificates required for university access in Germany.

How long is the test?

The test takes a maximum of 40 minutes in total.

How is the onSET Test structured?

The test is formulated in 8 parts for each of which a maximum time of 5 minutes is available. Each part contains fill-the-gap texts, with 20 gaps to be completed.

When is the result available?

The result is available immediately at the end of the test,

When is the certificate available?

You can download the attestation of your level of linguistic competence determined by the test in pdf format from your onSET account immediately.

Who corrects the test?

The exam, to be exclusively conducted in person on a computer, is developed and corrected by the TestDaF Institute in Bochum, Germany, and is administered by authorized exam centers worldwide.

When are the test sessions held?

On several dates throughout the year. The dates on which the onSET Test takes place can be agreed with the Leitmotiv-London School by writing to leitmotiv@leitmotiv.it.

How do I sign up for the onSET Test?

You must register online http://www.onset.de/ as follows:

1. Access the onSET Test site
2. Sign in to the portal to obtain your login credentials.
3. Write to the examination site leitmotiv@leitmotiv.it to formalize the registration and obtain your TAN code

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